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A fair and transparent personnel management offering opportunities to grow with your organization

  • Realizing temp-to-perm transition
    Hanwha was the first company among the top 10 Korean conglomerates to switch 2,043 temporary jobs to permanent positions at the end of January, 2013.

    As a result, the share of temporary workers in Hanwha’s overall payroll structure dropped from 17% to 10.4%. This is less than one third of Korea’s average standing at 33.8%, and even significantly less than OECD average at 25%. In addition, with 60% of the permanent-switched positions occupied by women, Hanwha has contributed to women empowerment, a major issue of today’s society.

    * Temporary workers in Korea are typically employed on a two-year contract and are significantly more vulnerable in terms of job stability compared with permanent positions.

  • Job-centric
    personnel management
    and promotion/
    compensation structure
    Hanwha's job grade system does not follow seniority or salary class but the value of the duty each employee assumes.

    Unlike in the past when job grades were structured according to the length of service, the company applies an advanced personnel management system that centers on individuals’ competency, performance, and the value of duty each employee assumes. Those whose performance and competency in their respective positions are fully verified will be moved to a higher job position. Likewise, when the value of the given job position goes up, promotion will be carried out. Individuals’ competency, performance, and growth potential are subject to a fair and rigid evaluation process. The fast-track system, in particular, offers faster promotion opportunities to those who excel at their jobs to provide more chances for growth. The compensation structure has been reshuffled to focus on performance to encourage ambitious goal-setting and achievement (e.g. increasing incentives over basic salary) in line with Hanwha’s vision. It also includes a spot bonus program for high performers.

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