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Core Values

Hanwha is built by people of Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity.

Hanwha Philosophy and Core Values are virtues to be lived up to by every Hanwha employee.

  • People embracing

    Pursue excellence through change and innovation
    by breaking away from complacency

    • Engage in active self-development towards being the best in your field.
    • Find opportunities and new ways of doing things through open-mindedness and creativity.
    • Set challenging goals and work towards achieving them with a can-do spirit.
  • People demonstrating

    Treasure the relationships with colleagues, company,
    and customers and commit to achieving a greater goal

    • Put 'us' before 'me' and 'our goal' before 'my goal'.
    • Treasure the promise with customers and continue to create customer value.
    • Trust in each other’s abilities and collaborate based on strong sense of unity.
  • People of Integrity

    Stick to principles, be impartial, and take pride in doing so

    • Do not be swayed by immediate gains. Be honest and stick to the principles.
    • Do not mix business with pleasure. Be impartial and treat others based
      on their performance and achievements.

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