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Compliance Management

Be a Trusted and Honest Company by Thorough Compliance with Domestic and International Laws

This conduct code shall be enacted to achieve a humane company culture as well as to be a company trusted by
customers based on the spirit of ‘trust and loyalty’ that Hanwha has established.

  • Enactment Background

    To establish the organizational culture for every employee to respect the economic order of the free market and to comply with every law, the specific guidelines and code of conduct should be stated for business activities. The code of conduct shall be established to develop a company that customers trust more and society respects by establishing guidelines and standards that every employee should comply with when doing business with customers and suppliers.

  • Organization
    Laws and Ethics Shall Be Complied With
    • Every law of the country and the local community and rules of the company shall be complied with, and a sound organizational culture shall be built through continual education on law compliance and company ethics.
    • Each employee shall do his/her duty to protect company property while doing his/her business as a diligent administrator.
    • The personal political rights and opinions of each employee shall be honored, but political activities within the company shall not be permitted, and employees shall not identify themselves as employees of Hanwha Defense Systems when involved in political activities.
    • The company's organizations, workforces, and properties shall not be used for any political purposes, and the company and each employee of the company shall not provide illegal contributions or expenses, directly or indirectly, to any elective candidates or parties.
    Compete fairly, transparently, and freely in the domestic and overseas markets and make legitimate and reasonable deals.
    • Domestic and overseas fair-trade acts shall be complied with based on the free competition principle.
    • The company shall not sign or propose agreements that go against fair competition.
    • The company shall pursue a win-win strategy through faithful and fair trades with partners based on mutual understanding and trust.
    Comply with quality standards to prevent product defects during the development and production stages.
    • Each employee shall comply with product safety standards according to relevant laws and regulations and shall continually conduct thorough quality control.
    • Each employee shall promptly respond to any product-related accident that occurs.
    Protect intellectual properties, trade secrets, and other information of the company and third parties.
    • Each employee shall recognize that the company's intellectual properties and trade secrets are important assets and shall protect and manage them thoroughly.
    • Each employee shall honor intellectual properties and trade secrets of third parties and other personal information, and shall not deliberately infringe them or use them fraudulently.
    • Information systems shall be used appropriately and security shall be made a habit.
    • Information acquired while working shall not be disclosed not only while employed but also after retirement.
    Operate the decision-making organizations of the company according to laws, regulations, and the company rules, and comply with legitimate accounting and disclosure standards.
    • The general meeting of stockholders, the board of directors, and various committees shall be called, draw resolutions, prepare meeting minutes, and disclose information according to procedures specified by laws and articles of association.
    • Commonly accepted international accounting standards shall be complied with as prescribed by law.
    • The company shall disclose its important management matters and information, such as its financial changes.
    Do not commit any unreasonable discrimination in employment and working or engage in activities that are damaging to the sound organizational culture.
    • Equal opportunity shall be provided to every employee without discrimination based on academic background, regionalism, kinship, or gender, and employees shall be fairly treated based on their abilities and performance.
    • Every employee shall mutually listen to the opinions of other employees and shall realize the organizational culture where creative ideas are demonstrated.
    • Each employee shall cooperate in building a sound organizational atmosphere.
    • No employee shall give undue instructions or commit sexual harassment using his/her position.
    Official matters and personal matters shall be strictly separated in the company work.
    • No employee shall use the company properties or his/her position for personal gain.
    • No employee shall conduct business with interested parties that causes a conflict of interest.
    • No employee shall commit any fraudulent acts, including receiving any cash, favors, conveniences, or entertainment from interested parties.
    • No employee shall use the company properties, facilities, and equipment for personal purposes, and employees shall always place priority on the company's interests when conducting business.