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Ethical Management

The Company Trusted More by
Customers and Respected by Society

We, the employees of the leading defense company in Korea, will act right and fair on principles based on pride and responsibility,
as well as provide the best products and services to customers with trust and loyalty.
To be a company that customers trust more and society respects, the company presents its code of ethics.

  • Ethical Management Committee
  • Chairperson CEO
  • Ethical Management Practice Secretariat
  • Ethical Management Practice Member
  1. 1

    Hanwha Defense Systems shall organize and operate an ethical management committee to promote its employees' compliance with the code of ethics and the ethical business activities of the company.

  2. 2

    Members of the committee shall include the CEO as its chairperson, every team leader of the head office, and the plant manager and every team leader of each place of business.

  3. 3

    The director of the ethical management practice secretariat shall be in charge of the committee secretary.

Roles and Operation
Role of the Ethical Management Committee
  1. Decide ethical management policy

  2. Enact and revise the ethics charter

  3. Enact and revise the employee action guide

  4. Perform general supervision of employee compliance

Role of the Ethical Management Practice Secretariat
  1. Host the committee meetings

  2. Maintain and improve the ethical management operation system

  3. Supervise employees' compliance with and practice of the ethics charter and the action guide

  4. Propose penalties for violations

  5. Evaluate and monitor performance of ethical management

  1. The ethical management committee shall meet quarterly in principle, and may meet at any time if the chairperson, any member, or the practice secretariat considers it necessary.

  2. The ethical management committee shall be operated as of April 21, 2003.