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Company Info.

Infrastructure for Defense Industry

Hanwha Defense Systems has joined the Hanwha Group, strengthening
growth and global competitiveness in the defense industry along with
Hanwha Corporation/Defense Division, Hanwha Techwin, and Hanwha Systems.

  • Hanwha Corporation/Defense Division

    The company holds insensitive-munitions technology unrivaled in Korea based on 40 years of know-how.

    Missile systems, Ammunition and unmanned/underwater surveillance systems
  • Hanwha Aerospace

    Aircraft engine development, production and maintenance  Recognized Advanced Machinery Industry Leader.

    Artillery equipment and aircraft engines
  • Hanwha Systems

    The company has developed advanced weapon systems that will play a key role in future intelligence/electronic warfare and network-centric warfare, and holds the production technology and know-how thereof.

    Weapon systems for command and control, tactical communications, surveillance patrol, and surface-to-air missile systems
  • Hanwha Defense Systems

    The company holds excellent competitiveness in the armored vehicle, firepower, air defense system and launcher system including MRLS and Vertical Launcher.

    Armored vehicle, air defense system and launcher system
  • Hanwha Land Systems

    The company has been leading the defense industry with dependable quality and advanced solutions.

Global Leader of Total Defense Systems

Hanwha Group operates businesses from Hanwha Techwin's artillery equipment and aircraft engines and Hanwha Systems'
command-and-control and surveillance patrol systems to Hanwha Defense Systems' armored vehicle, air defense systems
and launchers, along with Hanwha Corp.'s ammunition and precision missile systems. We are committed to taking off as a global leader
of total defense systems through synergy among our affiliates in the defense industry.