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Company Info.

Company Overview

Hanwha Defense Systems, representing the defense industry in Korea,
has developed highly technical competence in the defense industry for four decades since its designation as a
defense industry company in 1973, and has contributed to independent defense capability and peace for mankind.

Global Leader of Total Defense Systems Providing Trusted Solutions

Starting with the independent development and mass production of the K200 Korean infantry fighting vehicle in 1984,
Hanwha Defense Systems has supplied various weapon systems to the whole army in Korea, including the surface-to-air missile system CHUNMA, the 30mm self-propelled Air Defense System BIHO, 30mm Gun and Missile Air Defense System Hybrid BIHO,
the K21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the next-generation multiple-launch rocket system CHUNMOO.
Particularly, by exporting the K200 model to Malaysia in 1993, the company successfully exported in mass volume
for the first time in the Korean defense industry, and since then the company has exported armored wheeled vehicles and
launchers worldwide, which has raised the status of Korean defense industry technologies.
Further, Hanwha Defense Systems is committed to being a total global defense industry leader
by supplying reliable defense solutions to the global market.

  • Advanced Technology

    Developed competence in high-level technologies, including ground equipment systems technology and
    high-precision navigation technology.

  • Intelligent DNA

    Cultivated top-class R&D staff in Korea, favorable customer relationship, and stable organizational culture based on trust between labor and management.

  • Creative Innovation

    Implemented a broad-line production system and a high-level quality control system based on a
    multi-functional workforce.

Sungsoo Lee
Revenue/Operating Profit
KRW 671.4billion/35.5billion
(as of 2017)
Head Office Address
799 Gongdan-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
Main Phone Number