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Since establishing the defense industry R&D center in 1989, Hanwha Defense Systems has independently developed
various kinds of weapon systems including armored vehicles, anti-aircraft, firepower and focuses
on securing future technologies to take a bold leap forward in becoming a global company.

Global Leader of Total Defense Systems

Providing a total solution for the ground equipment sector, reinforcing unrivaled development capacity for the armored vehicle,
air defense system, the launcher and navigation areas and ensuring convergence competence of core and element technologies,
we are committed to development of the framework to be reborn as a leader in the global defense industry.

  • Reinforce R&D
    Engineer Competence
    • Design competence
      reinforcement training
    • Professional skill training
    • To foster CAE specialists and
      reliability experts
  • Secure Future Growth Engines
    • Automation and unmanned
      combat systems
    • To enhance performances of
      light tanks and existing systems
    • Next-generation navigation technologies
    • High-precision/high-power laser weapons
  • Successful Implementation of
    Development Projects
    • Tracked and wheeled vehicles and
      other applied weapon systems
    • Anti-aircraft weapon systems
    • Guided missile launcher systems
  • Secure Core and Element Technologies
    • Armored vehicle combat system - protection, power and suspension technologies
    • Firepower system - total system and launcher design technologies
  • Advanced R&D Process
    • To improve the development process and to expand R&D infrastructure (system engineering, PLM and design standardization tools)