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Win-win Management

Company Growing Together Based on Trust and Loyalty

Win-win management of Hanwha Defense Systems starts based on the trust and
loyalty of every stakeholder, including suppliers and customers.
If the credibility of any stakeholder conflicts with the interests of Hanwha Defense Systems,
credibility shall take precedence.

Reinforced Win-win Cooperation
  • Challenge
  • Dedication
  • Integrity

To strengthen the trust and loyalty of stakeholders, Hanwha Defense Systems will continue to ensure fair trade for win-win management.

Hanwha Defense Systems operates various win-win programs to foster 250 small and medium businesses. The company actively operates win-win programs in the four areas of competitiveness: reinforcement support, financial support, partnered entry to overseas markets, and communication.

Key Activities
Win-win Agreement
  1. Compliance with
    four fair-trade guidelines

  2. Compliance with the pledge of the
    code of ethics

Announced Compliance Management (CP)
  1. Introduced the compliance
    program (CP) and system

  2. Announced compliance management and
    every team leader signed
    the pledge

Fair Trade Training
  1. Held fair trade training for
    key contacts of partners

  2. Held training for major teams,
    such as procurement, quality,
    and development