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본문 컨텐츠

Armored Vehicles Based on cutting-edge technologies, we provide complex weapon systems that can reinforce ground power through outstanding mobility, strong firepower, and modular systems.
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Air Defense Systems We have advanced the Air Defense System of the Korean military a step further, and contribute to the reinforced anti-aircraft defense capacity.
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Launching Everywhere Launcher Systems We continue to develop core element technologies for launchers and launching systems to implement fast launching and diversification of the launching platform.
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Hanwha's Infrastructure for
Defense Industry

Hanwha Defanse Systems has joined the Hanwha Group strengthening growth and
global competitiveness in the defense industry along with Hanwha Corporation/Defense Division,
Hanwha Aerospace and Hanwha Systems

  • Hanwha Corporation/Defense Division
  • Hanwha Aerospace
  • Hanwha Systems
  • Hanwha Defanse Systems