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NOBONG (40mm Twin Naval Gun)

The 40mm twin naval gun 'NOBONG' has excellent firepower and destructive power, and is operated for anti-aircraft/anti-missile defense for various warships, anti-ship/anti-aircraft coastal defense and anti-aircraft/anti-missile defense for ground bases. Its excellent performance is well-recognized. It is a warship gun which has outstanding firepower and destructive power. Since it is designed with a lightweight structure and compact shape, it is possible to mount it on every small warship beyond the coastal patrol boat class.

NOBONG (40mm Twin Naval Gun) image
Key Features
    • Multi-purpose operation
      (anti-aircraft, anti-missile, and ship-to-ship)
    • Since it has a total of 768 rounds of ready-loaded bullets,
      it is possible to engage several times without reloading.
    • Perfect remote control and automatic operation using the
      fire-control system of the warship.
    • Maximized maintainability using the built-in diagnostic system which has self-diagnostic functions.
    • Excellent precision and reliability superior to other equipment of the equal class.
    • Double Feed Function (optional) : Possible to selectively feed two different shells into the feed system in the 704-round capacity to enhance warship survivability by using optimal shells according to the target.
Rate of Fire 2X300 rounds/minute Loading Method Mechanically automatic
Firing Range Azimuth 360˚/vertical angle :
-13˚ to +85˚