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Air Defense Systems

BIHO (Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Defense System)

The 30mm self-propelled anti-aircraft defense system 'BIHO' is the weapon system under combat deployment for the Korean Army, and is able to contribute to reinforcement of anti-aircraft defense capacity for countries requiring low-altitude anti-aircraft weapon systems. The 30mm twin self-propelled anti-aircraft defense system BIHO demonstrates excellent engagement capability under the battlefield conditions of the mountainous Korean peninsula. It has outstanding maneuverability with a maximum speed of 60km/h. Its effective range is 3 km and it has a high firing rate of 1,200rounds/minute.

  • BIHO (Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Defense System) right side image
  • BIHO (Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Defense System) left side image
  • BIHO (Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Defense System) image
Key Features
  • Electronic optical tracker capable of tracking under all weather conditions by night and day while driving, as well as automatic tracking capability.

  • A mounted fire-control system capable of ballistic calculation in real time and jamming-free automatic feeding mechanism

    • Fast system response time of
      6–13 seconds
    • Excellent accuracy rate due to precision gun/turret drive
  • High maneuverability through high horsepower
    per ton of 21 hp/ton

  • Excellent shield capability ensures crew survival

Detectable Range 21km Effective Range 3km
Key Armament Two 30mm machine guns Shooting Speed 2X600 rounds/minute