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CHUNMA (Short Range Surface to Air Missile System)

The first surface-to-air missile system in Korea, ‘CHUNMA’ is one of the groundbreaking missile systems that have advanced the anti-aircraft defense system of the Korean military a step further. Along with BIHO, it contributes to the reinforced anti-aircraft defense capacity. CHUNMA is the first short-range surface-to-air missile system for the Korean military to prepare for an enemy's low-altitude air infiltration using complicated mountain terrain. It is an outstanding weapon system for protection of bases and key facilities
from fixed and rotary-wing enemy aircraft penetrating at low altitude. It has an effective range of 9km and
high maneuverability with a driving speed of up to 60km/h.

  • CHUNMA (Short Range Surface to Air Missile System) image
  • CHUNMA (Short Range Surface to Air Missile System) image
  • CHUNMA (Short Range Surface to Air Missile System) image
Key Features
  • Possible to continuously perform re-engagement against aircraft formations.

  • Configurable for optimal shooting conditions by avoiding duplicated aiming.

    • Ensures reliable real-time target acquisition performance under the threat of electromagnetic interference and in any environmental conditions, in all weather, by day and night.
Detectable Range 20km Effective Range 9km
Trackable Range 16km