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Black Fox 8x8 (Armored Wheeled Vehicle)

Black Fox 8x8 is developed to meet various requirements of customers. Since the loading weight of Black Fox 8x8 with 24 tons of combat weight is 8 tons, it is possible not only to maximize its combat capability but also various systems, and thus it is possible to perform more various missions in the battlefield. With outstanding maneuverability along with strong firepower and high protection capability, Black Fox 8x8 has various added systems, such as the hydro-cruise system, tactical tires, the combined tactical information plan, and the central tire inflation system (CTIS), that enable it to achieve any mission successfully.

  • Black Fox 8x8 (Armored Wheeled Vehicle) left side
  • Black Fox 8x8 (Armored Wheeled Vehicle) right side
  • Black Fox 8x8 (Armored Wheeled Vehicle) image
Key Features
  • Can be quickly deployed by aircraft transportation

    C-130, C-17, C-5, AN-124, and AN-225 A400M

  • Excellent maneuverability with a maximum speed of 100km/h and 800km cruising distance

    • The hydro-cruise unit maximizes mission performance.
    • The independent suspension provides outstanding open-field cruise performance.
    • Comfortable riding quality and capable of stealth operation due to low noise generation.
    • Excellent protection capability
    • Easy to build variants due to modular design
    • Possible to mount various armament systems
      Possible to mount a manned/unmanned turret
    • Allows for omni-directional navigation
      with the loophole and periscope
    • Various value-added systems
      : Tactical tire, CTIS*, ABS*, air conditioner, and winch *CTIS : Central Tire Inflation System *ABS : Anti-lock Braking System
Number of Crew 11persons Maximum Speed 100 km/h on land and
8 km/h or more in water
7.62mm protection capability Driving Capability CTIS, ABS, and run-flat applied