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Products at a Glance

Armored Vehicles, Air Defense Systems

Based on cutting-edge technologies, Hanwha Defense Systems provides complex weapon systems
that can reinforce ground power through outstanding mobility, strong firepower, and modular systems.

  • Barracuda 4x4 (Armored Wheeled Vehicle)

    The Barracuda model is capable of mounting various armament systems
    and is designed to perform multi-purpose tactics.

    • 7.62mm
    • Effective range : 1.1km
    • 4X4, 6X6, 8X8 wheeled
    • Outstanding high-speed maneuverability
    • Mounting various armament systems
    • Multi-purpose tactics
  • K263 (Self-propelled 20mm Vulcan)

    The 20mm Vulcan mounted armored vehicle, also known as ‘the self-propelled
    Vulcan’ is the anti-aircraft weapon system developed to demonstrate the most
    effective performance against air-craft approaching at low altitude.

    • 20mm Vulcan
    • Effective range : 1.5km
    • Anti-aircraft defense
    • Anti-aircraft defense support while moving
    • Maximum speed : 70km/h
    • Equipped with a high-performance radar
      and a lead-computing sight
  • K200A1 (Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

    The Korean infantry fighting vehicle, with its excellent protection and outstanding maneuverability, is key equipment for a mechanized unit which can achieve missions successfully under any battlefield conditions.

    • 12.7mm
    • Effective range : 1.8km
    • Mechanized infantry squad transportation
    • Infantry squad firepower support
    • Maximum speed : 70km/h (ground)
    • Maximum speed : 6km/h (water)
  • 20mm Vulcan (Army)

    The 20mm traction-type air defense artillery, 'Army Vulcan', is the gun in charge of low-altitude anti-aircraft defense, moved by towing with a vehicle and easy to install and operate.

    • 20mm traction-type air defense artillery
    • Effective range : 1.9km
    • Low-altitude anti-aircraft defense
    • Towed by a vehicle
    • Easy to move, install, and operate under various battlefield conditions
    • Able to aim shots with the variously configured aiming sight
  • K21 (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

    The K21 armored infantry fighting vehicle has excellent performance, outstanding technology, and price competitiveness compared to equal-class equipment of advanced countries.

    • 40mm machine gun
    • Effective range : 2km (ground)
    • Troop transportation and mobile combat
    • Automated fire-control system
  • 20mm Vulcan (Navy)

    The 20mm warship Vulcan, 'Navy Vulcan', is used for anti-aircraft defense of the warship, and is a multi-purpose system capable of both direct operation and remote operation through the fire-control system.

    • 20mm warship Vulcan
    • Interlocking with the fire-control system of the warship
    • Effective against ground and marine targets, low-flying aircraft and
      low-flying guided missiles
    • Fully automatic operation when interlocked with the fire control-system
      of the warship
  • BIHO (Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Defense System)

    The 30mm self-propelled anti-aircraft defense system 'BIHO' is the weapon system under combat deployment for the Korean Army, and contributes to reinforcement of anti-craft defense capacity for countries requiring low-altitude anti-aircraft weapon systems.

    • 30mm machine gun
    • Effective range : 3km
    • Detectable range : 21km
    • Intercepts low-altitude high-speed infiltration aircraft
    • Outstanding engagement capability within mountainous areas
    • Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon system
  • NOBONG (40mm Twin Naval Gun)

    The 40mm twin naval gun ‘NOBONG’ has excellent firepower and destructive power, and is operated for anti-aircraft/anti-missile defense for various warships, anti-ship/anti-aircraft coastal defense and anti-aircraft/anti-missile defense for ground bases. Its excellent performance is well-recognized.

    • Effective range : 4km
    • Mountable on any warship beyond the coastal patrol boat class
    • Excellent firepower and destructive power
    • Anti-aircraft/anti-missile defense
    • Anti-ship/ground base strike operation

Launcher Systems

The company develops various key weapon systems for the Korean military based on excellent technologies
not only for various ground launcher systems but also marine launcher systems.

  • HYUNMOO Launcher image HYUNMOO Launcher
  • Blue Shark Launcher image Blue Shark Launcher
  • HAESUNG Missile System Launcher image HAESUNG Missile System Launcher
  • Korean Vertical Launcher System (KVLS) image Korean Vertical Launcher System (KVLS)
  • CHUNGOONG Launcher and Loading/Transporting Vehicle image CHUNGOONG Launcher and Loading/Transporting Vehicle
  • CHUNMOO Launcher/Ammunition Transport Vehicle image CHUNMOO Launcher/Ammunition Transport Vehicle